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Executive search

The need for discresion, the competitive situation and/or few candidates with the required skills are often reasons for choosing this method. The majority of those we contact are not actively looking for a job change. Nevertheless, candidates are usually positive towards our professional inquiry. Flexibility, humility and efficiency are the basis for dialouge.

Executive search is a targeted and demanding method. It consists of 7 steps. This is described in more detail under 'the process'


Advertised recruitment

Advertised recruitment (online, newspaper, relevant professional journals) may be an appropriate method to reach as many candidates as possible. The method, depending on the type of role and company market position, often ensures a broad basis for selection and is used when our client want to promote themselves or when there are demands for public announcement. Advertised processes may be described as for the executive process with the exception of step 2. 


Final Assessment/Management Audit

A Final Assessment/Management Audit can be described as an independent and objective third party evaluation of individuals or groups associated with specific external or internal recruitment. The service will also be relevant in connection with M&A, demergers or restructuring of businesses.

A third pary unbiased evaluation will contribute to a broader basis for our customer.  The service may be divided into five main sections; survey of the role and mandate, test and assessment part, dept interviews - with focus on motivation and personal suitability, reference interviews and reporting. 


Test and analysis tools

We are experiencing mixed views about test and analysis tools in general. From both clients and candidates. This is understandable. There are unfortunately a number of more or less serious tests on the market. It is therefore important to choose from the most recognized ones and be critical and humble in terms of how they are used.

Tests confirm or disprove the impression we already have of the candidate and is part of our toolbox. Yet we are pragmatic in relation to the use of tests. If either our client or candidate does not want this, we let it be.

All our consultants are certified users of our tools. We use the personal/behavioral test Cattell's 16pf5 and the ability test Raven's Progressive Matrices.