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About us

Detektor Executive Search was founded spring 2004 and has become an established player within the industry. We help private and public, Norwegian and international companies win their war on talent. We do this through rigorous and demanding executive search processes and management audits, on a retained basis only.

We have since 1998 assisted a great variety of industries and organizations in identifying and recruiting for senior management positions and other key personell. Yet, the bulk of our assignments has been within energy, industry, technology, finance/insurance, professional services and public sector.

We use specialists to perform analysis and market research. Although all our consultants have longer experience also fron this part of the process. Our experience is that this combination generates better results and makes us more complete advisors.  

Proper motivation is crucial for a good end result and is something we fokus on in our selections. This is also important for us internally. To be a good consultant you need to be motivated by offering the best advice and solutions. Our advisors should also be more concerned about quality than quantity and work out from good values and governing ethical guidelines. Candidates become customers and customers become candidates.

Experience dictates that is is difficult to maintain success with too many assignments running in paralell. Control of the order quantity gives us more flexibility and allow us to go the extra mile that is so often required to solve complicated and demanding positions. As long as we have conficence of our client we will continue our work until every stone is turned.  

We believe this is some of the reason for our succsess. 


Detektor aims to be one of the prefered executive search companies.



Our purpose is to limit the risk of error employment. Recruiting is not an exact science. Hiring people is associated with risk. If we using our experience and expertise can help to reduce this risk our goal is achieved.

Decisions in recruitment processes are often made on the basis of too much intuition and insufficient facts. Our job is to gather facts, structure this and present the outcome. A final decision on employment rests with the customer. We will provide qualified information, including uncovering professional skills, leadership style, motivation and personality profile.

We see that many missions are solved but with the wrong person. Our experience is that value based recruitment, focusing on motivation and personal suitability gives the best results.



'Definition Detektor'

An instrument for localization, testing and troubleshooting. Reveal, find, detect, investigate, discover, divulge themselves. Detecting.. Detective.